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Pet Carriers

Whether travelling as accompanied baggage or manifest cargo, your pet must always travel in an IATA approved Pet Carrier. Most airlines and countries will impose fines is the Pet Carrier is deemed unsuitable so it is important to measure your pet correctly.

General Guidelines

  • Pet Carriers made entirely of wire mesh are not permitted
  • Wheels are not permitted
  • Purchased rigid plastic, or specially constructed carriers of hardwood, plywood or metal are acceptable
  • Doors may be either sliding with suitable locks to hold the door securely in place or hinged with a the lock mechanism on the door pushing metal pins at least 1 cm into the cage frame when locked
  • Floor must be solid, smooth, leak proof and have no protrusions
  • Water bowls must be inside the carrier but accessible without opening the door
  • A maximum of three pets aged under 6 months old, under 14KG each and from the same litter may travel in the same litter. If over 6 months old, from different litters or heavier than 14KG, a maximum of two pets may travel in the same Pet Carrier

How to measure your pet

You will need to measure your pet to ensure the Pet Carrier is suitable for their trip. Most pets won't stand still long enough for 100% accuracy so if in doubt please err on the side of caution!

Always measure your pet when in a natural standing position

You will need to measure;
A = length from the top of the nose to base of the tail
B = height from the ground to the elbow joint
C = width across shoulders or widest point (whichever is the greatest)
D = height in nature standing position from top of the head or the ear tip to the floor

Use these measurements to calculate the size as follows;

A + 1/2 B = Length
C X 2  = Width
D = Height

Multiple pets are the same as above except;
2 pets - minimum width 3 x widest pet
3 pets - minimum width 4 x widest pet

Note: Snub nosed breeds require 10% larger Pet Carriers

Ex-Pat Logistics holds a large stock of IATA approved Pet Carriers for sale in Riyadh, we can also build made-to-measure crates for larger dogs. Please contact us for more details and prices.