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Shipping Language

Like all businesses, there are a large number of terms that are often used in conjunction with shipping. Please see below for a simple explanation of the most common terms that you will come across:

Document Terms
MAWB - Master Airway Bill - Official airfreight paperwork
HAWB - House Airway Bill - Agents airway bill often used when multiple consignments are shipped togther
AWB - Airway Bill - Generic term referring to all types of airway bill
BOL - Bill of Lading - Official sea shipping paperwork
POL - Point of Loading
POD - Port of Departure also Proof of delivery
POA - Port of Arrival

Shipment Terms
HHG's or PE's - Household goods or Personal Effects - The term given to any personal shipment
Customs Charges - The fees charged by customs to facility clearance

(Customs) Duties - The fees charged by the local government in the country for arrival on all commercial shipments and depending on the country sometimes HHG's or PE's

Port Demurrage - Storage fees as charged by a sea port

Container Demurrage - Charges for extended container usage

Airline Storage - Charges by airport for delayed clearance
Airline Handling - Charges received from the airline handling agent

Airline Transfer - The charges for collection or delivery to an airline handling agent

Fuel Surcharge - The rate that is applied on freight charges which is subject to the global cost of fuel.  This is often subject to change therefore offered separately from freight rates.

X-Ray Screening - Usually carried out by the airline handling agent by x-raying a shipment to ensure that the items are safe to travel.  There are other options for screening however x-ray is the most common option

Weight Terms
Actual Weight - The phyiscal weight of a shipment usually declared in kilogrammes

Volume Weight - The weight based on the size of a shipment declared in kilogrammes

Chargeable Weight - The weight (either actual or volume) as declared on the master shipping paperwork for which the customer will be charged
- The volume weight can be arrived at by taking the dimensions of a package in cm's and multiplying them together then for airfreight they need to be divided by 6000 however couriers often use different formulas

so this carton would be 65 x 75 x 55 = 268,123 divide by 6000 =44.68kg volume

INCOTERMS 2000 are the standard terms used by all shippers to define who has to pay what for the shipping. These are usually only disclosed on commercial shipments: