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Upon completion of the below application, confirmation will be sent to you confirming the details and value prior to payment being processed.

An electronic signature will be required, prior to payment being taken
Credit Card Payments - Important Notes
1. Credit card payments are only acceptable in British Sterling (GBP)
2. Quotes or invoices issued in other currencies are subject to exchange rates at the rate of exchange, as advised by Ex-Pat Logistics at the time of payment.
3. SAR - USD fixed exchange rate of 1.00 USD to 3.70 SAR (USD Not currently available) 
4. Quotes or invoices, if issued without credit card surcharges may be subject to the costs as listed below at time of payment confirmation
5. Surcharges
- Payment by American Express - Subject to 2.95% of payable value
- Payment by all other credit Cards - Subject to 1.95% of payable value
- Payment by UK debit cards - Subject to flat payment GBP 1.00
5. Refunds
- Cancellation by customer will be subject to a refund charge of GBP 10.00 or USD Equivalent less any charges already incurred
-  Refund at the request of Ex-Pat Logistics for over-payment etc. will not be subject to any charges on our behalf
6. These terms constitute part of our full terms and conditions (Section 15.11)